Your favourite takeaways: Healthier, Better, Easier!

Your favourite takeaways: Healthier, Better, Easier!

When you're busy, it's all too easy to give in to the temptation of takeaways! Check out our delicious, healthy alternatives to your fast food favourites. 
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When you're busy and time-poor, it's all too easy to give in to the temptation of takeaways. That's why Fitfood's chefs have developed delicious, healthy alternatives to your fast food favourites. 

As well as enjoying fresher and less processed ingredients, you'll be saving money (especially if you're used to paying hefty delivery fees).

Plus, finish your dinner feeling full and satisfied, not guilty and overstuffed! 

Try these Fitfood alternatives next time you're craving... 

Fried chicken

Chicken Tenders

Fitfood's chicken tenders are juicy, delicious, and unprocessed! If you're taking inspiration from a certain Colonel, add on a side of chipotle slaw or creamy mashed potatoes.

Next time you're hosting a group, say 'bye' to the bucket and stock up on Fitfood chicken nibbles instead.  It's just $22 for 1kg of delicious nibbles, available in zingy buffalo or sticky honey soy flavours. 

A classic curry

Butter Paneer

We couldn't make a 'fakeaways' menu without the Kiwi-Indian favourite, Butter Chicken (also available in a family size)! There's also Butter Paneer, a delicious butter chicken alternative with golden paneer (cottage cheese) pieces as the star.

If you're feeling extra brave, step outside your butter chicken comfort zone with our creamy chicken Tikka Masala. Our tikka masala is a meal base, so it's up to you how to serve it: on rice, with flatbreads, or with something else from your pantry. 

If Indian flavours aren't your go-to, how about a Thai-inspired curry instead? Try our tofu and chickpea curry, layered with flavour and texture, or our new kumara & lentil curry

Asian flavours

From Chinese takeaways to Bento bowls, Asian flavours are always popping up on our list of weeknight favourites. Let's kick off this section with healthy, fresh versions of two classics: pork fried rice and Kung Pao chicken. You'll find all the flavours you love, without the unhealthy stuff!

There are also plenty of options for lovers of Southeast Asian food, from Vietnamese beef satay to Thai chicken rissoles and sambal glass noodle stir-fry.

Head a little further East, and you'll find tasty teriyaki chicken and chicken katsu (also available in a family size). 

Fish n' Chips

OK, we're asking you to trust us on this one: we might not have the battered hot dogs and jam wraps that from your local fish and chip shop, but... are they really that satisfying?

Next time you're craving fish and chips, give our fresh white fish with roasted seasonal vegetables a try instead. It's fresher, healthier, and won't leave you feeling sluggish and overindulgent! 

Sweet treats


Treat yourself with a mini cheesecake or keto-friendly 'fat bomb' from our dessert section! Our desserts are just the right size: enough for a treat, without derailing your healthy eating plan.