Delivering the details

Fitfood is a team of health-conscious entrepreneurs, qualified nutritionists and professional chefs dedicated to easy healthy eating. Achieving your health and lifestyle goals is easier and more convenient than ever.

Winner of the Enterprise North Canterbury Business Awards 2021 Food & Beverage Award

We deliver delicious and healthy prepared meals and meal kits every week.

  • Fitfood to fit your lifestyle
  • High-quality, professionally prepared meals
  • Based on wholefood principles
  • Locally sourced and all-natural ingredients
  • Gourmet meals designed to fit macro nutrient profiles
  • Covering dietary requirements: vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, keto
  • High in protein, balanced complex carbs, no added sugar, and no artificial sweeteners
  • Recyclable packaging maintains freshness
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Healthy can be easy, convenient and taste great!

Eat fit. Live well.

Health is the new wealth. We love what we do and we love helping you reach your healthy lifestyle goals. Eating healthy should be full of flavour and leave you feeling satisfied, so forget traditional dieting and start enjoying a balanced life again!

Fitfood fits your lifestyle. We have meals suitable for everyone, whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, gym bunny, working parent or time-constrained professional.

Why Fitfood?


Naturally increase energy with 100% natural foods that absorb into your system for maximum benefit – no processed foods here, just real wholefoods!


Get the optimum daily absorption of dense nutrients from our carefully selected recipes. Portion-controlled meals keep you on track without the worry of overeating.


Consistently eating healthy food gives your body the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, cofactors and other macro and micronutrients you need to thrive and fuel your lifestyle.


Take the fuss out of shopping and cooking healthy meals for you and the family. We give our customers more time to do the things they love!


Our convenient gourmet meals are affordable, while not compromising on the best local ingredients.



Create your own healthy subscription pack and choose the meals you would like to have delivered each week from our range of fresh, ready-to-heat-and–eat meals.

Fitfood is a team of health-conscious entrepreneurs, qualified nutritionists and professional chefs dedicated to easy healthy eating.

We are New Zealand’s premier health food preparation company. We are market leaders in nutritionally sound meals, affordable pricing, and amazing taste.

We believe in healthy balanced lifestyles, not restricted extreme lifestyles with unsustainable diets. Whether your goals are weight loss, lean muscle gain, maintenance, counting calories or tracking macros, just healthy living, we have plenty of options for you!

100% New Zealand owned and operated.

New to Fitfood? Find out how it works here.

The Team

Our talented qualified chefs are led by Mike. The team work hard designing dishes and making sure you get the best quality and flavour every time you order.

Our food

Gourmet restaurant-quality meals made to be healthy and delicious.

Our meals are designed by health-conscious chefs with a focus on wholefoods. We prepare and cook them using healthy cooking methods.

Our meals are:

  • Low fat. Good fats we allow!
  • Low sugar. We don’t add sugar to any of our mains – only naturally occurring sugars that already exist in the food are allowed (Note: Some Fitfood desserts contain added sugar)
  • Free range. All our meat is free-range, and whenever possible we use organic produce.

Have dietary requirements?

Whether you're vegetarian, vegan, gluten friendly, dairy free or practicing the ketogenic diet, we have meals for you. Please note we use tree nuts, dairy and gluten in our facility, so there is a risk of cross-contamination and our meals may not be suitable if you have a severe allergy.

Our meals come fresh

We deliver a top-notch meal experience using modified atmospheric and vacuum packaging technology, locking in the freshness.

Our menus

We have different menus, and you can choose any number of meals or packs as required. Select from a themed menu or chop and change as you like.

Make a one-off order, or try our subscription meal service with no contracts and cancel at any time!

Our meals are perfect for lunches and dinners, and you can take them anywhere thanks to our fresh-seal packaging.

Pick from the menu that suits you best, or mix and match your order as you like.

New to Fitfood? Find out how it works here.


A selection of our most popular dishes that are great for you and will keep the family satisfied. View menu

Vegetarian & vegan

Fresh, plant-based meals that maintain nutritional and dietary requirements. View menu

Weight management

Simple wholefoods, portioned with accurate nutritional information so you can track your calories and meet your macro-nutrient needs. View menu

Low carb – less than 30 grams carbs

A curated menu of high-protein, low-carb meals that appear on our other menus. Meat and vegetarian options available. View menu

Gluten friendly

A curated menu of gluten friendly meals that appear on our other menus. Gluten friendly dishes that don’t compromise on flavour or experience. View menu

Protein & side dish packs

Build your own meals or add these as extras to your standard Fitfood meal if you need more protein or vegetables. View menu

Set meal packs

Six meals per pack. Quick and easy pre-set menus for convenient lunches or dinners. View packs

Build-a-box weekly subscription

Choose how many meals you want per week, then fill the box with your favourite dishes. View subscriptions

Gift cards

Give your friends and family the gift of choice with a Fitfood gift card. Shop gift cards


Fitfood uses all free-range meats and uses organic produce whenever possible. Our goal is to become fully organic. We also love to support our local growers and buy local as much as possible.

All our packaging is sustainably produced and recyclable.

If you are in Canterbury and wish to return any items to us so we can reuse them, you are welcome to drop them back to our kitchen at 6 Kingsford Smith Drive, Rangiora 7400.

Our values

We are a socially, ethically and environmentally responsible company. This is the only path to a great future for everyone.


We choose suppliers that exceed the highest animal welfare standards so our meals are ethically and responsibly sourced from local growers we know and trust.


We love New Zealand and we love this planet so we will go above and beyond to reduce our company's impact on the environment. We are always seeking new ways to care for the environment, including using sustainable and recyclable packaging.


As soon as you receive your Fitfood meals, put them in the fridge. Our meals are designed to be eaten fresh, and every package has a use-by date on the label.

If life gets in the way and you don’t think you can eat your meals in time, it is fine to freeze most Fitfood meals. Some meals (such as salads) are not suitable for freezing, and they will say so on the label.


Heating sauces

If there is a sauce container in your meal, you can either: pour the sauce on the meal before heating; heat the sauce separately in the microwave for 10 seconds; or keep the sauce aside and serve it cold. Do not heat sauce containers in the oven.

Microwave heating
  1. Open one corner of the film seal or punch small holes in the top (making sure to remove any sauce containers).
  2. Heat on high for 2 to 3 minutes.
  3. Check the meal is heated the whole way through. If needed, heat for longer until it is piping hot.
Oven heating
  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees.
  2. Completely remove film seal from the meal and remove any sauce containers.
  3. Place container on an oven tray and cook for approximately 20 minutes.
Heating from frozen

Defrost meals in the refrigerator overnight, then follow the usual heating steps.

Info and tips

  • To stop oven-heated meals drying out, you can cover them with tinfoil and heat for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • For perfect wedges, roast potatoes and kumara fries, try taking them out of the container and crisping them up on an oven tray.
  • Eat meals with salads first! We don’t recommend freezing salads.
  • Some items are partially cooked so they will cook to perfection when reheated.
  • Our meats are prepared so they will finish cooking as you heat them. This means they will not dry out or overcook.