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We offer home and business address delivery nationwide throughout New Zealand. We recommend you use your work address for deliveries if possible. If your address is classified rural by NZ Post, note that your delivery may be a day late as they do not gurantee an overnight service for rural delivery routes.

When staff have received your order and generated a shipping label, you will receive a delivery confirmation email to notify you of your delivery day and date.

To check if your address is rural use the NZ Post Address and Postcode Finder (link below). Put in your delivery address to see if you are on a standard or rural delivery route:

Orders are dispatched on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. If Monday or Tuesday are a public holiday, then our delivery day changes to a Wednesday for that week only.

When your order is collected from us by NZ Post, you will receive a tracking link where you can see the different scans as your order makes its way to you. This means you can keep track of your delivery & see updates on where your package is.

For more information on delivery visit:

As soon as the product leaves our kitchen, you will receive a track & trace email from NZ Post. With the information provided in the email you can easily track your package throughout its journey to your address.

NZ Post leaves orders at the delivery address whether someone is there or not to receive it. If you have special instructions on where to leave the package you can add a note to your order.

For our courier service, we pack our meals to ensure they stay cool and meet the highest food safety and quality assurance standards. Meals are packed into a woolcool insulated bag, before going into a cardboad box with two non-toxic ice packs.

This packaging has been tested to keep your food cool and safe for transportation for up to 48 hours after leaving our kitchen. This is proven to be just as effective and more environmentally friendly than a standard polystyrene box.

Yes. The box, meal trays, and ice packs (subject to being drained first) can all be recycled in your yellow recycling bin.

The woolcool liners are a natural, sustainable and great insulator made out of sheep's wool, which is 100% compostable and biodegradable (once the plastic outer is removed). You can put it in your garden or compost, and the wool will release nitrates back into the soil. Some local councils also allow the liners to be put in your green waste bin (once the plastic is removed) so check with your council if this is an option for you.

If you are in Canterbury and wish to return any items to us so we can reuse them, you are welcome to drop them back to our kitchen at 6 Kingsford Smith Drive, Rangiora 7400.

No. Currently we are unable to process orders on other days. However if you have a large event where you require a specific number of meals on a specific day contact us on and we can discuss what options we can offer.

While we are on an overnight service, there are times that orders miss their connections at the NZ Post depot. This means that orders can take up to 48 hours to arrive, so we have tested our packaging to ensure that it will keep meals cool enough to still be safe to eat if they are delivered a day late. Please note that although the ice packs will have melted, the temperature in the box will still be within safe limits. If there are frozen meals in your order, they may also have defrosted after this length of time.

We keep an eye on deliveries throughout the day and do our best to lodge enquiries with NZ Post on any that appear to be delayed. When there are delays in delivery, NZ Post endeavour to refrigerate parcels overnight, but it is not guaranteed that they will be - another reason why we have made sure that our packaging will keep the meals cool for 48 hours!


A Fitfood subscription is an order that comes every week. The weekly meal subscription service saves you time if you want to order each week, but don’t want to have to remember or take the time to do an individual order.

Subscription orders are charged on Monday, and delivery is Tuesday the following week.

From the website menu, click "Subscription".  When you place your first subscription order you will get an invitation email to open your account. Follow the link and instructions provided in the email.

No. But we highly recommend you sign up for the following reasons:

1. To avoid getting same meals every week.
2. To easily manage your subscription, for example to skip a week, pause, or cancel your subscription.

Email us on to send an account invite or password change if for any reason you have trouble accessing your account.

Once your account is created you can easily manage your subscription yourself by using the email and password you used to sign up.

To edit your subscription just log in to your account and edit your meals or subscription.

IMPORTANT: The order/charge date on the system is the Monday night of the week BEFORE the following Tuesday delivery, so any changes made must be done by 6pm on the Monday evening of the week before the delivery.

Once an order is charged and an order number allocated, you cannot make any changes to that order - we can manually do this for you, so email us on with any changes. The cutoff for these manual changes is midnight on the Thursday before the Tuesday delivery. No changes can be made after this time to an order.

Yes. In our Build-a-box Weekly Subscription menu you can choose from our whole individual meal range. Choose your box size from our 12 different sizes ranging from 4 meals to 24 meals per week. Side and protein packs are not included in the Build-a-box menu because they have different pricing.

To change the meals, log into your subscription, click on "view upcoming orders", then click on "choices" next to the order date you want to change (remember the order date a whole week BEFORE the delivery).

Note if changes are required to your meals once an order is charged and an order number has been allocated, you will need to contact us at by midday Thursday with any changes required, and we can manually change these for you.

If you want to change the number of meals in your subscription box, you need to cancel the existing subscription and set up a new subscription with the number of meals required.

No. We have no contracts. You can cancel any time you like for free.

No. There are no fees or contracts with our subscription service – it is there for your convenience only.

Yes, you can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. Note the subscription works a week in advance so you need to keep this in mind when cancelling or pausing a subscription – your order/charge date is on Monday a whole week before the delivery.

You can cancel with just a few clicks any time before 6pm on Monday for the following week’s order.

If you wish to cancel an existing order (you have an order number) you need to contact us before midnight on the Thursday before the Tuesday delivery and we will action this for you - contact us on

Please note: No refunds are given for cancelled orders that are requested after midnight on Thursday for the following Tuesday delivery.


Fitfood is a meal service delivering healthy tasty meals designed by chefs and nutritionists for people with active lifestyles and special diets. We create fresh ready-to-eat meals. We deliver weekly throughout New Zealand. You can sign up for our weekly subscription service, or make individual orders when required.

We believe eating fresh, nutritious meals every day should be easy for everyone. We do all the hard work for you by sourcing high quality ingredients, making sure each meal you eat is nutrient dense and packed with the good stuff. Then we expertly cook to order so it tastes fresh and delicious.

It’s simple. To order your meals online:

1. Visit the menu
2. Choose meals or a meal pack
3. Click on the cart icon attached to the meal
4. Go to cart
5. Checkout and your meals will turn up on the next delivery day

Shipping starts from $12.50 for the South Island and $17.50 for the North Island. Orders over $275 will incur extra shipping costs.

Yes we do offer customer pick ups. Order online and when you check out at the courier area, use the "Rangiora Pick Up" option. Pick ups are available Monday afternoons or throughout the day on Tuesday's. We are based at 6 Kingsford Smith Drive, Rangiora 7400.


Yes, Fitfood meals are cooked in our commercial kitchen so you just need to heat them up. Meals can be ready to eat in under 3 minutes, so no more worrying about what’s for lunch or dinner. Take our meals anywhere you need to go. They are perfect for work lunches and they can be waiting for you in the fridge when you get home from a busy day.

No shopping, no chopping, no clean-up. But also, no artificial ingredients or unnatural nasties, just wholefoods portioned to make a great meal.

No. Items cannot be changed in our meals. We are always developing new meals, so let us know any suggestions you have for possible future changes.

No. We do not provide salt-free meals.

Although some of our meals are made gluten/lactose friendly, they are made in a facility where foods containing gluten, dairy and tree nuts are present, so we cannot guarantee that our food will not contain traces of gluten or other allergens. Please contact us for more information at

No. We do not add any preservatives to our meals. Our food products have a longer shelf life because of our special modified atmospheric packaging. Our fresh meals have a refrigerated shelf life of seven days. Every meal has a use by date on the label.

We source all the ingredients for our meals from New Zealand suppliers.

These ingredients are delivered to us fresh daily so we know your meals are of the highest quality. We will endeavour to continually improve our ingredients so our customers will always have the best Fitfood experience.

Yes. In our Build-a-box Weekly Subscription menu you can choose from our whole individual meal range. Choose your box size from our 12 different sizes ranging from 4 meals to 24 meals per week. Side and protein packs are not included in the Build-a-box menu because they have different pricing.

Note: If you want to change the number of meals in your box – for example to go from a 6-meal pack to an 8-meal pack – you must delete your existing subscription and start a new one.

Preserving Meals

Our meals should be refrigerated until the “Best Before” date. They can be frozen for later use. Meals can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Our meals will taste best if they are heated from fresh in the microwave or oven. Meals come in an oven-and-microwave-safe tray for ease of heating. Some meals, such as those containing wedges, are better heated in the oven to help the food crisp up.

For more tips on heating visit

Seven days when refrigerated, or longer if frozen. Our meals are individually packaged in modified atmospheric packaging, which helps preserve freshness and seal in flavour. We recommend you refrigerate them as soon as they arrive. Every meal has a best before date on the label.

Yes, you can freeze your meals to extend the shelf life. We recommend that you defrost frozen meals in the refrigerator overnight before reheating.

Note: Some meals containing salad are not suitable for freezing (for example those with coleslaw). This will be noted on the meal label.