Fitfood Professional

Fitfood Professional gives Kiwi business owners the option to offer premium, restaurant-quality meals without the time and expense of running a commercial kitchen.

Convenient, delicious and packed with protein

Convenient, delicious and packed with protein, our restaurant quality meal base ranges are ready in minutes, just simmer in hot water. We have a range of meal options to suit a range of dietary requirements and preferences. We deliver nationwide and are equipped to handle small and large-scale orders.

Hospitality Venues

When the tables are packed and the line at the bar is three deep, the last thing you need is delays from the kitchen! We can partner with your culinary team to complement your food & dining offering. Our pre-prepared meats, including succulent casseroles and ragus, only require heating, ensuring you’re always well-prepared. We’ve taken care of the groundwork, allowing your team to maximize efficiencies and focus on what you do best

Educational & Sporting venues

If your venue regularly hosts educational or sporting events, Fitfood can keep your attendees fueled up, focused and ready to take on the next challenge. Our ready-to-heat meals are healthy and nutritionally balanced, giving athletes, coaches and parents peace of mind. We have a range of high-protein and low-calorie options available.

Accommodation Providers

Fitfood is the perfect solution if your hotel or motel doesn’t have a full-service kitchen, but you’d like to offer food or room service options to your guests. Our meals are restaurant quality and incredibly quick and easy to heat and serve, at all hours of the day and night! You can also choose to offer guests the option of having a meal available on check-in: just freeze your Fitfood meals in advance, then pop into guest fridges before they arrive.

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