Can Fitfood feed a whole family?

Can Fitfood feed a whole family?

Introducing Fitfood's Family Meals: the perfect solution for busy families craving nutritious, delicious dinners. Cost-effective, easy to prepare, and eco-friendly, our range promises satisfaction for all ages. Enjoy wholesome meals together, effortlessly.

At Fitfood we’re parents too, and if there’s one thing we know for sure it’s that we don’t have a lot of spare time. With the kids to run around after, the housework to sort, and full days of work, it’s not easy ensuring a hungry, active family gets to enjoy nutritious, satisfying meals every night.
And with that in mind we came up with a great solution - our new range of Fitfood Family Meals. They’re designed to make it super easy for busy families to eat healthy, delicious and nutritious meals as often as possible.

Why your family will love them:

  • They’re easy to heat up in one go, saving you precious time and getting dinnerEntertainment done nice and early.
  • Fitfood Family Meals are more cost-effective than buying single Fitfood meals for everyone in the family. Each meal feeds four and works out less than $7.50 per person.
  • As an added bonus they use less packaging than our individual meals, which helps reduce your household’s overall waste.
  • Family Indian butter chicken
  • Aromatic golden chicken pieces in a creamy curry sauce enhanced with a hint of honey. Our Butter Chicken is like the tastiest takeaway you’ve ever had, but done healthy - served with garlic naan and aromatic basmati rice.

Family classic beef lasagne
You can't beat freshly cooked lasagne for a fast, healthy, and satisfying meal. Premium grass fed angus beef mince from Canterbury in a bolognese sauce, layered with fresh pasta sheets and bechamel sauce, served with a side of seasonal vegetables. Bellissima!

Family roast chicken and seasonal vegetables
A traditional Kiwi favourite the whole family will love. Succulent roast chicken served with delicious seasonal veges.

Family bacon and broccoli mac ‘n’ cheese
You just can’t go wrong with mac ’n’ cheese. Our classic macaroni and cheese is served with a side of yummy garlic bread. So good!

Family roast beef and seasonal vegetables
Memory making Kiwi fare for the whole family. We select tender roast beef served with healthy seasonal veges.

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