Become the perfect host with Fitfood Home Chef

Become the perfect host with Fitfood Home Chef

From dinner with the in-laws to feeding the whole team, Fitfood Home Chef has a solution for every reluctant host.
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Spending time with friends and family is one of the best things about the Summer holidays, but if you aren't an enthusiastic cook, stressing out in the kitchen (or ordering expensive takeaways) can really take the fun out of hosting.

Our Home Chef range is designed to make hosting easy. Our chefs take care of the marinating, seasoning and preparation: all you have to do is pop your Fitfood in the oven or on the BBQ, and get ready to take the credit. 

Here are our top picks for... 

Impressing the in-laws

When the stakes are high and it's time to impress, you can't go wrong with beautifully marinated New Zealand lamb. Your lamb arrives in a vacuum-sealed bag, so none of the flavour or tenderness has a chance to escape! 

Choose from classic rosemary, garlic and thyme marinade, or try something a little bit different with our Souvlaki lamb, marinated in yoghurt, coriander and garam masala. Add a side of roast veges or salad to complete the meal.


Watching the game

Keep the snacks coming all afternoon with our selection of ready-to-heat chicken nibbles and pork rib racks. We've got all the classic flavours you'd find at your local sports bar, with much higher quality preparation and ingredients - and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your couch.

Choose from BBQ Cola, Korean BBQ, Buffalo Chicken and Honey Soy.  Don't forget to have plenty of napkins at the ready! 


Feeding a small army

During the school holidays, you never know when you might end up hosting a crowd of your child or teen's friends! 

Keep them happy with a plate of chicken tenders to snack on (don't forget to check out our range of sauces for dipping), and keep their parents happy by making sure you've got a salad or slaw ready to go.


Bringing a plate

Pot luck dinners can be tricky, but it's time to prove to your friends that you can do better than a bag of chips or a tray of precooked sausages. Our ready-to-roast boneless chickens are delivered pre-marinated in your choice of two tempting flavours - zingy Texas Chicken or Asian-inspired soy, garlic & ginger. We've even included cooking instructions, just in case. 

If you've been asked to bring a side dish, try something from our salad range, seasonal vegetables, or even a smooth broccoli mash. It couldn't be easier!