What makes a Fitfood meal healthy?

What makes a Fitfood meal healthy?

'Healthy' is something of a buzzword these days. So what exactly makes our healthy meals healthy? Read on to find out.

We here at Fitfood do a lot of talking about health – it is, after all, our raison d’être. Healthy is something of a buzzword these days, and slapping that ‘healthy’ label on something doesn’t necessarily tell you how that thing is meant to be good for your health. So what exactly makes our healthy meals healthy? Read on to find out.

All wholefoods, no nasties

All the ingredients that go into Fitfood’s meals are 100% natural, unprocessed, and organic and free range where possible. Wholefoods are absorbed more efficiently into your system and give you the maximum output, so a far greater portion of what you’re eating is being used by your body for good!

Cauliflower and halloumi fritters

Designed to sustain you

Our meals are carefully designed to meet your daily nutritional needs, which means you’ll get a balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats to keep you going like the Energizer Bunny. Whether you’re keto, vegan, or aiming to maintain a healthy weight, you need never go hungry with Fitfood’s meals in your corner. Delicious food, optimum nutrients and no dishes – now that really will sustain you.

Deliciousness in moderation

We know, sometimes a meal is just so tasty you want to keep eating even though you know you’re no longer hungry. It actually takes your brain a little while to catch up with the fact that you’re full (20 minutes, to be precise!), so you won’t even know you’ve eaten too much until you reach that uncomfortably stuffed feeling. Fitfood’s meals are portioned to give you the ideal serving for your nutritional needs, without the chance to overeat.

Packed full of good stuff

The team of expert chefs and nutritionists at Fitfood work hard to come up with meals that are high in protein, iron, the right balance of complex carbs, and plenty of vitamins, minerals and good fats. Our meals contain no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Here at Fitfood, everything is healthy and nothing hurts.

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