Get the most out of Fitfood

Get the most out of Fitfood

Looking for some flexibility in your meal planning? We’ve got you covered. 
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Have you found the Fitfood option that fits your lifestyle? We’re here to help make life easier with our range of chef-made fresh & frozen meals. There’s no limit to how many you can buy at once, from one quick dinner to a six-pack of our most popular meals.

If you like to keep your life well-organised, save time each week with a meal subscription. Just choose your Fitfood favourites and we'll deliver them to you every week! You can change your menu, or your subscription details, at any time.

Our customers rave about the flexibility our menu gives them. If you're in a cooking rut and stuck for dinner ideas, freshen your menu up with some of our ready meals and get a much needed break from the same old dishes you’ve got on repeat.

Our Home Chef range is great for taking the hassle out of family dinners, birthdays and special occasions. We’ve done all of the prep for you. The range includes Marinated Whole Chicken & Lamb, Sous Vide Pork Ribs, and even Chicken Nibbles. All meals are large enough to feed a family of four, and come with cooking instructions ready for you to just pop straight into the oven or BBQ and cook!

If you’re having a busy day at work, there’s often no time to think about lunch, let alone sitting down to enjoy it - and with the cost of living increasing, popping to the local cafe for  a bite to eat just isn’t viable anymore. Why not stock up on a few of our delicious meals and have them on stand by in the freezer? Simply grab one in the morning and put your mind at ease knowing you’ll have quality, nutritious lunch - and get some much needed time back in your day.

No matter what your day-to-day looks like, we've got you covered.