Eating healthy with Indian food

Eating healthy with Indian food

Famous for its spices and rich taste, Indian food packs flavour. Conventional Indian food is also healthy, made with fresh natural ingredients.

Indian: It’s the food of the people. Every town in India has its own dishes so there are thousands of variants, which have been exported all over the world. You’ll find Indian restaurants in places as far flung as London, Durban, New York, Dubai, and pretty much everywhere else including of course little old New Zealand.

Famous for its spices (both hot and mild) and rich taste, Indian food packs flavour. It’s also known to be filling, with rice, flatbreads, legumes and meat making regular appearances in Indian cuisine. But can it also be healthy?


Conventional Indian food is healthy, made with fresh natural ingredients. And with around 20% of the Indian population being vegetarian, this cuisine has some awesome vegetarian and vegan options. While some restaurant cooks may take shortcuts with additives and nasty extras, Fitfood’s Indian Lifestyle meals are designed by our Indian chef to bring you traditional flavours with healthy ingredients sourced locally in New Zealand.

Here are a few things we think make our Indian meals especially healthy (and delicious).

Flavourful spices

By using naturally flavourful spices in Indian food, we avoid having to use other flavour enhancers such as excessive salt and sugar, MSG and artificial flavours. Many people also use spices such as turmeric, chilli and ginger as natural remedies.

Fresh veggies

Vegetables are arguably the most important part of any healthy meal. We use locally sourced tomato, broccoli, carrot, cabbage and more so we know where the vegetables come from, and we know they’re fresh and full of goodness. This means you get all the flavour and nutrients of the highest-quality produce.


Rice is a healthy and nutritious form of carbohydrate to fuel your body. Many athletes use white rice (with its high glycaemic index and ability to quickly supply the body with energy) as a main component in their macronutrient-balanced diets.

Canterbury meat

The meat in our non-vegetarian Indian meals is sourced from local Canterbury farms. Generous servings of premium chicken, lamb and beef high in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Fitfood’s healthy, easy and delicious Indian meals

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