Easy and delicious takeaway alternatives

Easy and delicious takeaway alternatives

At Fitfood, we’ve got a huge range of restaurant-quality meals to complement your healthy lifestyle.

It’s been a long five weeks in Level 4 and now the takeaway shops are opening up it’s pretty tempting to cave and get some quick and easy satisfaction.

At Fitfood, we’re here to tell you that satisfaction doesn’t need to compromise your health. We’ve got a huge range of restaurant-quality meals to complement your healthy lifestyle. Instead of collecting some greasies, order some of these fast food alternatives. The nutritional information is available so you know exactly what goes into each meal. And they taste amazing!

Mexican – Chipotle Pulled Pork (Gluten friendly and dairy free)

Like a burrito without the carbs. Slow cooked pulled pork in our own mild chipotle sauce with fresh bell peppers, grilled corn, black beans, and tomato, served with basmati rice. A super savoury and hearty meal with a Mexican zing!

Japanese – Chicken Katsu

A classic Japanese dish, and it’s guilt-free comfort food. Panko crumbed chicken breast sliced over vegetable fried rice with the famous tonkatsu BBQ sauce.

Thai – Green Chicken Curry (Gluten friendly and dairy free)

You can’t beat Thai food for intense flavour, and this silky smooth dish is packed packed full of it. Lean chicken breast in a mild Thai green sauce served with fluffy basmati rice. A fsat and satisfying meal.

Indian – Butter Chicken

A classic Indian dish loved the world over. Aromatic golden chicken pieces in an incredible creamy curry sauce with a hint of honey, this butter chicken recipe is one of the best, served with garlic naan and aromatic basmati rice. If you want something a bit spicier, we’ve got a whole range of Indian dishes.

Italian – Gnocchi with Pumpkin & Radish (Vegetarian)

A favourite among Italian foodies. Delicate pillows of freshly steamed potato, plump pumpkin, baby peas, and flavoursome bites of radish. Perfect for a quick and light meal.

Kiwi roast - Honey Mustard Pork with Pumpkin & Broccoli (Gluten friendly and dairy free)

Even better than Gran’s Sunday roast. Lean pork tenderloin marinated in honey mustard and baked to perfection. Served with fresh broccoli florets & roast pumpkin pieces. Kickstart your heath journey.

Lebanese – Lamb Koftas with Tabouleh Salad & Tzatziki (Gluten friendly)

A masterclass in authentic Lebanese flavours. These spiced lamb koftas are served with cool coconut yogurt, tzatziki dip and fresh tabouleh salad. A healthy and filling Mediterranean meal.

Chinese – Hoisin Tofu with Gourmet Slaw (Gluten friendly and vegan)

Asian umami goodness. Generous portions of hoisin tofu served with a crunchy & refreshing gourmet slaw, bound in a creamy coconut yoghurt dressing. A healthy and satisfying way to eat.

Like the look of these? They’re just a few of the huge range of Fitfood dishes on offer. You can subscribe to one of our meal packs, or build your own menu with your favourite cuisines from around the world.