7 foods to boost your brain

7 foods to boost your brain

We use some great brain-food ingredients in our Fitfood meals - foods that can boost brain function and improve memory, creativity and motivation.

Eating well is essential for keeping your body at peak physical fitness, but it’s also important for your brain. Thanks to some great research, we already know a lot about ‘Nootropic’ foods – foods that contain nutrients that can boost brain function, improving memory, creativity and motivation, especially as we age. We use a lot of these ingredients in our Fitfood meals, and there are a few delicious options you’ll be excited to add to your Fitfood diet.

Spinach: Is there anything spinach can’t do? These dark, leafy greens and one of the best sources of brain boosting nutrients like lutein. Lutein is a powerful antioxidant and helps rid the body of free radicals, which contribute to ageing, heart disease and cancer.

Eggs: The choline in eggs help our bodies produce acetylcholine, which is used for everything from achieving deep sleep to creating new memories. In the elderly, frequent egg consumption has been linked to higher cognitive performance.

Get a brain boost with our Frittata with Bacon, Mushroom & Spinach, which contains eggs and spinach.

Blueberries: They’re delicious, they’re coming into season, and they contain anthocyanin, which has been linked to improvements in cognitive and memory function, and even helps different parts of our brains communicate with one another.

Dark chocolate: Perfect for an after-dinner treat, cocoa beans are rich in flavanol, which increase blood flow to the brain, and can even trigger the production of new brain cells. Stick to the dark stuff – it contains less sugar and more of these brain-boosting cocoa solids.

Salmon: The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon improve the brain’s ability to send and receive signals. Research has linked healthy omega-3 levels to a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s and depression.

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Coconut oil: About 60% of the fatty acids in coconut oil are medium-chain fatty acids. During digestion, these head straight to the liver, where they’re converted into ketones, which our brains convert into fuel. The more fuel our brains have, the better our memory and the more alert we feel.

Turmeric: Prized for centuries by Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine practitioners, turmeric stimulates the growth of new cells in the brain, and is already used in the treatment of depression, Alzheimer’s disease and strokes.

Indian food is often a delicious source of turmeric. Boost your brain with our Indian Chicken Biryani.